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Berliner Fenster and interfilm Berlin Present:
Going Underground 8 – International Short Movie Festival
September 9 - 15, 2009

Going Underground 8 – The Finales
Approximately 20000 votes were cast during the course of this year’s Going Underground Awards. This year’s winner – getting 38.54 % of the total votes – is the short movie Zehn Filmklassiker gespielt von Fischen (10 all time movie classic scenes played by fish ) by director Ralf Ruthe. The title of the movie itself already tells the story – in a nutshell: in merely 90 seconds Ruthe’s fish present a cross section of historical movie classics, from Ben Hur to Stars Wars and Lord of the Rings.

A Quote from Ralf Ruthe:
“I’m very excited about having won the Going Underground Award for the second time around. It is always a great big challenge to create a movie without sound. This time the idea for the film came just right before the entry deadline ended. All of a sudden it became clear that the story had to be told by fish since fish can neither talk nor communicate with words”

A Quote from Daniel Faigle:
"I’m extremely thrilled to win this prize simply because the Going Underground Festival holds such a special position within the German short-film festival scene. At the Going Underground you won’t find the self-proclaimed short movie experts or a professional jury who picks the winner. Here the winner is chosen by a representative of the population who don’t or only in parts have a specific interest in short movies. Thus the interest has to be awakened; a fact that makes the competition even more interesting as far as the outcome is concerned.”

Going Underground 8: The Winners
1. Place, awarded with € 3,000.00 : ZEHN FILLMKLASSIKER GESPIELT VON FISCHEN /10 all time movie classic scenes played by fish
2. Place, awarded with € 2,000.00 : FERNSEHER / Television by Daniel Faigle (Germany) (12.67% of votes)
3. Place, awarded with € 1,000.00: HU HU POLE HOLE by Alexei Alexeev (Hungary/Russia) (10.60% of votes)
4. Place: Paraplü (umbrella) / 5. Place: Change / 6. Place: There’s A Bliss In The Kiss / 7. Place: Half Baked / 8. Place: Schulweg (the way to school) / 9. Place: Stierkampf (bull fight) / 10. Place: This Is Not A Fly / 11. Place: Map Of The Underground / 12. Place: El Hombre Orquesta / 13. Place: Switch / 14. Place: Le Sablier

The Winners: 1989 – UP AGAINST THE WALL
1. Place, awarded with € 2,000.00: Der Freimaurer / the freemason by Philipp Roeglin & Florian Renner (28,78% of votes)
2. Place: Wall by Markus Kempken (Germany) / 3. Place: Hans im Glück / Hans in luck by Wolfgang Meisterstein (Germany)/ 4. Place: Na Klar! / No prob! by Martin Putto (Netherlands) / 5. Place: Die eigenen 5 Wände / One’s own 5 walls by Jan Sadri (Germany)

A Quote from Philipp Roeglin and Florian Renner (Winner of UP AGAINST THE WALL-Award):
"We are very happy and excited that our short film did so exceptionally well with the audiences, especially since is the first time that we’ve taken part in such a competition. Furthermore we’d like to thank Berliner Fenster and Interfilm for providing this excellent platform to present our short movie to a big audience. We’d also like to express our very special thanks to Sergej, Aljoscha and Patze for their great support. Without you this wouldn’t have happened!”

Going Underground 8 – Background and Basic Information
From September 9th until September 15th the Berliner Fenster presented the eighth season of the short movie festival Going Underground - this internationally pioneering film project presents 90-second short movies on the monitors of Berlin’s subway trains. With its 4,000 double monitors installed in Berlin’s underground trains Berliner Fenster’s digital signage network is one of the world’s largest of its kind. Since it provides an excellent presentation platform before the eyes of millions of passengers every day, it also has become a very attractive medium for film makers worldwide. With its 511 entries from 41 countries worldwide, Going Underground has since become an institution within the international short movie scene and more than that a typical trademark of Berlin.

Der Sieger erhält ein Preisgeld von 3.000 Euro, der zweite Preis wird mit 2.000 Euro und der dritte Preis mit 1.000 Euro dotiert. Das abstimmende Publikum nimmt an einer Verlosung, bei der es hochwertige Preise zu gewinnen gibt, teil.

In cooperation with Interfilm Berlin an international subscription was started for Going Underground 8. The deadline for the subscription of all international entries ended on August 24, 2009. Out of all these entries, 14 films were finally nominated for the Going Underground-Awards 2009. During the run of the festival, Berliner Fenster presented the 14 nominees to approximately 1.6 million passengers on Berlin’s subway trains every day. 4 films were shown on rotation – ca. 40 times - every day. Berliner Fenster even became a “movie theater in motion” during special daily Underground Hours when short movies were being played without interruption by news or commercials for an entire hour twice a day. These full hours even extended to full Underground Nights – Friday to Saturday night, Saturday to Sunday night – when all 14 films were played non-stop from dusk till dawn.

Following the motto,” You are the jury!” every passenger was asked to vote for their favorite movie online.

Going Underground holds a very special challenge for all filmmakers since every film entering the competition has to fulfill the same specific requirements: movies have to be silent – due to the special Berliner Fenster presentation situation and mustn’t be longer than 90 seconds. Any display of sex, violence or other explicit content is strictly prohibited as the films are shown in public with no age restrictions. Men and women, children and adults, Berliners and visitors get a chance to see what the international short movie scene has to offer. Going Underground is all-age family entertainment and a great opportunity for filmmakers to present their works to a broad audience. The first place is endowed with prize money of 3,000 Euros, the second with prize money of 2,000 Euros and the third with prize money of 1,000 Euros. More than that; every person who casts a vote in the competition automatically takes part in a premium-price lottery.

A special movie-section of the Going Underground film festival was designed to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall. The historic events of 1989, the peaceful revolution in the German Democratic Republic as well as in other East-European countries were the beginning of a series of deep and profound social and political changes that had a far-reaching impact way beyond the borders of Berlin and Europe. Going Underground – being a Berlin-rooted venture – took to the occasion to commemorate the historic events by showing 5 movies, dedicated entirely to the 1989 events, in subway trains all over Berlin.

Awards Ceremony
The winner movies of Going Underground 8 will be announced at and Berliner Fenster on Friday, September 18 2009 at 2:00 pm. Starting on Saturday the top countdown will be presented by Berliner Fenster for seven consecutive days

Download: GOING UNDERGROUND 2009 Pressinfo